Exclusive Online Music Planner (Custom Built By Discosource DJs)!

16Discosource DJs have been in business since the turn of the century and have always strive to set the benchmark of the mobile DJ industry. In 2010 we launched our very own exclusive online music planner created by Paul Anthony, the founder of the company. Communication is a big key to the success of your event and sometimes just taking a few notes over the phone won’t suffice


Our music planner covers everything about your event, from your favourite styles of music, your do’s and don’ts, a time schedule creator, and for wedding clients, a wedding questionnaire. We already know our competition is going to want to get their hands on one of these, but this is not some template music plan tool we found on the internet, it was custom designed by us to cover every little detail we could think of that needs to be covered.

Once you have booked your date in, you may start working on your music plan, search our song list including the top 100 from every single year from 1950 to today, compile a list, save it, and come back at any time to add more. Once the plan is completed, the DJ will already have a copy and bring it with him on the night. Make sure you get your music exactly as you want it by booking one of our DJs for your next event.

Here is what others have had to say about our music planner!

“Its great! Love how you can plan the music yourself before the party! so good!”

“I think it is a good idea to help think of songs/artists that may be forgotten.”

“Huge selection of music easy to follow setup :)”

“Very comprehensive.”

“This is a fantastic idea well done can’t wait.”



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