The celebration that happens on New Year’s Eve is filled with music and fun to be had by all. Having a good DJ is vital to making sure that your NYE party runs smoothly. Here are a few different qualities you should look for in a good New Years Eve DJ.

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Founder of Discosource DJs : DJ Paul Anthoni at Famous Phuket

Big Records

Your party should be filled with the sounds from all of the year’s biggest hits and not new songs that only the DJ knows. Your guests will want to hear music that they know and that they can dance to all night long. Be sure to find a DJ that knows the expectations that you have for the song selection so there will not be any confusion on the night of the party. Many DJs have software that keeps up with the biggest hits on the charts, so they can make a playlist that reflects the collective taste of your party guests. Be sure to let the DJ know that you want some older songs with New Year theme in them thrown in during your shindig.


A good NYE DJ will not be afraid to get on the microphone and engage the crowd in between songs. The DJ can playfully joke with your guests and give them an updated countdown to the New Year, which will keep your guests having fun until the midnight. Most DJs understand the importance of communicating with the crowd, so be sure that the one you hire knows that you expect plenty of interaction with your guests.

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Party Like It’s 1999 : Ole Ole


Your new years eve DJ should listen to the requests of your guests because this will keep the crowd happy with the music selection. Good requests can also increase the mood of everyone at the party and make your party a big hit. Be sure that your DJ knows that you expect them to listen to request and to play them for the guests in a timely manner. Most DJs will realize the importance of requests and will welcome your guests with a friendly attitude no matter how many times they come to request.

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Rooftop Nightclub (top of the club)

A New Year’s Eve party will attract people from all walks of life who just want to have a good time. A good DJ can make your party fun and entertaining, which will have people talking for months. Be sure to do plenty of research before deciding on the DJ for your party.

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