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DJ Profile : Michael Stray

Personal: Michael is a veteran DJ with over 5 years of experience. We always feel confident sending Michael to any job. Customer reviews indicate that Michael’s strengths are professionalism, song selection and mixing ability. Michael is very approachable and open to catering for any special requests. Music Styles: Michael has played almost every style of music you can think of and is happy to cater for all cultures and styles. Dreams: Share music in a way that makes people smile, dance and feel loved. Experience: Kids Parties, Primary School Discos, Weddings & Engagements, Birthdays, Corporate Functions, Club Events & More… Biography:  Michael is an Australian DJ from Melbourne that specializes in Western style weddings. He initially began DJIng helping a friend who owned a Nation wide DJ service in 2010 but was soon addicted to the euphoria of DJing. Mentored by DJ Paul Anthoni, Michael began learning fundamentals skills such as reading crowds and creating different moods throughout the various phases of each night. Eventually he learned more advanced techniques such as effecting sound quality, lighting and beat matching. Michael has done Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions, Primary School Discos, and Weddings. In addition, he has held weekly gigs at a range of pubs and bars. His repertoire ranges from 80’s nights in pubs to playing deep house music at funky bars in Melbourne. Since 2013, Michel has focused on DJing weddings. Currently he is in Phuket and seeking to set himself up as a wedding DJ here.
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