There’s one thing most people usually remember about a party: the music. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. The effect of music on the overall energy and success of an event is undeniable. Human beings respond intuitively to music, and the feeling it creates can determine our mood and influence social interactions.

Get your party started with Discosource DJs

Our team of highly experienced, confident and creative DJs are skilled in creating the right party atmosphere, developing the perfect music mix for your event. With a professional DJ, you can forget all your music selection worries and just enjoy the party.

How we can help

With over fifteen years experience in the mobile DJ industry, Discosource is a must when it comes to entertainment. We’re known for our friendly, punctual and highly skilled DJs, who work across a wide variety of crowds – from children and wedding guests to large corporate organisations.

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All it takes is one quick phone call and our DJs are there to weave their magic, bringing a fresh buzz to your party without all the stress and hassle of compiling your own playlists or the expense of a live band. The way we can cater for such a wide variety of events is partly due to the strength of our trained DJs, and also because of our sophisticated digital music system, which houses over 25,000 songs across every genre.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range below.


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Our client-focused approach to entertainment is what sets us apart from every other DJ hire service out there. Our DJs work with you to ensure your vision for your event becomes a reality. Whether you’d prefer our DJs work with a set list – by us or yourself – from our unique online music planner, or for them to gauge the best fit for your crowd as the night progresses, we’re there to ensure your event is a success.


Set-up is quick, efficient and unobtrusive, allowing you to get on with your event hassle free. We provide the best sound possible with state-of-the-art audio technology and Italian-made RCF speakers, with the option of additional speakers and thumping subwoofers if you’re after a bigger party sound.

When it comes to lighting and atmosphere, we have an impressive
mirrorballselection of lighting effects to set the right mood for your event. Whether you’re after UV or strobe lighting, bubble machines or laser lights, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable night.

Discosource: Putting value first

Discosource was born with three main principles in mind:

  • Quality: We’re committed to delivering not only the best in sound, but the best in staff. We provide our skilled and passionate team with superior training and an extensive music selection that satisfies even the most picky of music lovers.
  • Professionalism: We’re proud of our professional attitude to a sometimes overly casual industry, setting new standards and taking our DJs further. We’ve also streamlined our customer service process to make event planning even easier for our clients.
  • Customer service & satisfaction: At Discosource, clients come first. With over fifteen years experience in customer satisfaction, we’re confident in our ability to take the pressure from party planning and make your next event a total success.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

For an obligation free instant quote emailed  back to you in less than 3 minutes click the button to the right, or simply give us a call and speak to one of our consultants on 1800 000 178.