Melbourne-ians are treated to some of the finest musical acts in the country, and have eclectic tastes when it comes to sound. When you need a reliable DJ Hire service in Melbourne, don’t leave your music to the last minute – make your event truly amazing by locking in one of our experienced and professional DJ’s.


You need a real DJ and taste maker to keep your event fresh and exciting. Our DJ company offers some of the best musical mixologists in the Melbourne area. We provide affordable DJs that will keep your party moving and help create a truly unique party vibe. How do we do it? Our site offers DJ profiles where you can read the DJs short bio, see what year they began DJing, approximately how many events they have done, what’s their forte, what type of music they carry and what their equipment looks like setup at a party and other crucial details that differentiate one DJ from another, and that is why each DJ has a different rate.

What our DJ hire Melbourne team can do for you

Discosource DJs was established in Melbourne back in 1998 and has since remained a strong competitor on the Melbourne disc jockey hire scene. Always growing and changing with the times, we stay up to date with the latest trends. We were among the first medium sized DJ businesses to take a leap of faith with a major upgrade and switched to using laptops in 2007 ahead of the rest still using CD players that skipped CDs and limited your playlist size. Today in 2018/9 we are transforming once again into a DJ agency where customer can choose experienced DJs by their profiles. Our DJs have experience ranging from 1 year and 50 events (but still talented) to 30 years of experience. As we are an agency, each of our DJs has their own equipment, as we want DJs  who’ve made a solid commitment to being a DJ by going out and buying quality set of DJ equipment, and you can see each DJs equipment on their DJ profile. Our Melbourne-based team are finely tuned to the variety of events they cater for, and know how to keep people jiving on the dance floor. When you need to hire a DJ in Melbourne, be sure put us on the shortlist.

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An Extensive Music Library You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Our music range spans more than six decades and includes the top 100 from every single year from 1950 to today’s hits, that’s more than a thousand songs per decade. Your guests will be impressed with the huge music library that we offer and it will be rare that we don’t have a song that anyone may ask for. Let your disc jockey make the song selection or if you want more control over this you can make use of our online music planner. Putting the power of choice in your hands the next time you rent a DJ in Melbourne.

Want to ban a song that drives you mad? No problem. Let us know beforehand and we’ll blacklist the losers and keep your personal favourites in mind.

Some of the best wedding DJs!

Professional DJ Hire Melbourne with a Complete Setup

All of our party DJs in Melbourne come with a full DJ setup including LED lights (and a microphone for speeches) right to your door. With a state of the art sound system the RCF speakers we use are amongst the leading speaker brands on the market. Each speaker is placed onto a sturdy speaker stand to bring the music to head height or above, allowing the best projection of sound in the room. This makes our DJs for hire a premium choice for any scale event



We also have Wedding DJs in Melbourne

We also have the best value Melbourne DJs experienced in performing at weddings. Weddings usually have a wide range of people attending made up of family and friends, grandparents and kids. Our wedding DJs will play a selection from all era’s to keep everyone happy, along with co-ordinating the music on your plan to work with your personal taste in music. As weddings usually run to a time schedule, our wedding DJs in Melbourne will follow the wedding plan created by you and ensure that it runs to schedule on the day.

Choosing a DJ service can be a tricky task when you know nothing about Melbourne DJs. If you are searching for reliable and affordable DJ hire Melbourne, be sure to contact us and read through our comprehensive information pack and make an informed decision.

DJ Profiles

You don’t want to select a DJ company that just sends you somebody, you want to pick your DJ based on their level of experience, the knowledge of music, their equipment quality and their reviews. This is why you should have a good look through our DJ profiles to find the DJ that best suits your next event.

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