When it comes to partying down under, the Gold Coast is the top partying hot spot. If you’re planning to throw a party in Australia, this location is second to none! Which is why you’re in need of a DJ hire gold coast service to make your upcoming event an A list success. We have top shelf party DJs with real experience, real passion, and an eye for the business. You know what that means? Our disk jockeys will make your party a night to remember.

An Experienced Gold Coast DJs Team

Discosource has a long reputation in the DJ industry. We’re one of the leading DJs on the Gold Coast, and we work with a wide variety of crowds who need personalised playlists for all of their events. From wedding DJs on the Gold Coast, to large corporate parties, and a few children’s discos in between, we know how to work the crowd.

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We’ll work with each and every client right down to their specific needs, to ensure you get the best outcome for your event. Our DJs are top notch, and yet still affordable for all your budgeting requirements, so we won’t stop tweaking and testing until you’re happy.

A Unique Gold Coast DJ Hire Service

Maybe you’ve been looking for Gold Coast DJs for hire for a while now. Maybe you’re not sure which company you can trust to show you a really good time. Well, your search can end right here. We’re confident we’re what you’re looking for, and we know you can place your trust in us.

Discosource DJs are veterans in the mobile DJ industry, and we know what we’re looking for in our recruitment process every single time. We have solid systems in place for training and communicating, to ensure every DJ we hire knows how to assess the room, and has a wealth of musical knowledge for clients to depend on. Our Gold Coast party DJs have a vast array of music styles, for putting together any setlist. And they’ll always have a quality sound and background light show to keep the event moving.

Professional Online Music Planning Tool

DJs at Discosource are very flexible in their approach to the work. At our disposal for our customers is a sophisticated online music planner, to ensure your music plans are simple to come up with – at heart, we break it down into two elements, the background music and the dancing music.

online music planner-discosource

From there, select the genres you want to hear, or you can choose a set of songs put together by our sophisticated online music planner, put together by industry professionals that know what sounds good when clubbed together. Or alternatively, you could simply give us even just a vague idea of what you want to hear during your event and our Gold Coast disk jockeys will be able to do the rest.

As a general rule, if you want to hire a DJ on the Gold Coast, ensure they have an extensive music list at their disposal. This means they need to have a list of songs that span multiple decades and musical eras. Our own song list covers all of the top hits from every year since 1950, as well as a great selection of fitting genres for cocktail parties from Cafe Del Mar and Chillout to Acoustic Pop and Love Ballads. No matter what you like to listen to, we’re sure you’ve got you covered. Simply make a request at the event on the day and our DJs will be happy to take your music setlist in any direction you’d like.

Superb Wedding Djs Gold Goast

We have a whole library of songs. Want to take a peek? Feel free to get in contact!

Professional DJs With Professional Equipment

A good DJ hire gold coast company will have the most versatile and reliable equipment to rely on. The speakers we use are a very well known leading brand called RCF, which have a very lively sound that’s great on the ears. There are easily replaceable fuses inside, and they leak super neat as a part of any mobile DJ setup we could put together.

As another part of our equipment, we have LED sound activated lighting and a quality microphone for speeches. We bring all of the necessary power cables and adaptors our equipment would ever need, so you’ll never have to provide anything of your own. Just your stunning self.

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We Have Wedding DJs on the Gold Coast Too!

If there ever could be a perfect occasion to hire a DJ in Gold Coast, a wedding is such an occasion. A big day like this should never be spoilt by bad music, or unreliable DJs holding the whole event up. Music is one of the best, and most crucial ingredients for turning a wedding into a lively event, and you wouldn’t want a poor choice in music provider to spoil the whole thing; the amount you put into it notwithstanding.

Get your camera's ready

Get your camera’s ready

When looking for professional DJs who are capable of spicing up your day in just the right way, you need not look any further than the DJs right here at Discosource. We have all of the experience necessary for your big day, out there on the Gold Coast, and we have the ability to get the music mix just right for every guest that could turn up. You want energy, ambiance, and connection – we can provide all of these elements to make sure your wedding atmosphere has the right feeling to it.

Our DJs turn up on time, perform without a hitch to the end of your event, and we’ll never disrupt your party. We value and respect your guests, and we’ll make your wedding memorable. What’s more? Our DJs turn up on time and perform without a hitch, from the beginning to the end of the occasion without causing any disruption to your party. We also value and respect your guests and will strive to make your wedding memorable to them.

We want to see your event succeed. We spin to make you happy. As a DJ hire Gold Coast service, we have the best wedding DJs, and that’s why you should get in touch. We know and love the music that’ll fit your occasion, and that’s what sets us apart.

DJ Profiles

While you may request a specific DJ we cannot always guarantee that that DJ will be available. The DJ may already be requested for a particular date and sometimes we will decide which DJs are assigned to events based on the DJs home location to the location of the event, and also taking into account the DJs experience with certain events. For DJs with vast experience (10 years or more) an additional premium may be applied at the request of the DJ.

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