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20 years in business and over 8000 events and over 50 DJs!

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Discosource DJs provide professional mobile DJs supplied with quality sound equipment and cool LED lighting for Private and Corporate Events. We have experience with such occasions as Birthdays, Corporate Events, Kids Parties, School Disco’s, Weddings DJs, Nightclub DJs and more.

We have our professional disc jockey’s in nine major cities however first began in 1999 providing only DJ hire in Melbourne. In 2019 Discosource DJs has changed it’s business model to becoming a DJ Agency and featuring DJ profiles on our site so that people can have their choice in who will be their DJ. You will also find us in Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Geelong, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and now even Thailand, and will travel most cities, suburbs and country areas.

In our music library we provide you with a broad range of music including the top 100 from every single year from 1950 to today! So whether you are in search of DJ hire Melbourne or any other city, please take a look around our site.

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Company History

7warehouseSince 1998 we have been providing DJs to parties and events across Australia. The founding DJ, Paul Anthony started the company himself in Melbourne after first becoming the DJ at his own family celebrations. Coming from a large family this was quite frequent and became the spark that began his career as a Professional DJ.DJing for Family 1997

In 2009 the company went nation wide which means that we have actually flown sets of equipment to other cities and trained DJs there.


Going Nationwide 2009

For many years we had our own DJs in each major city who used our equipment and were recruited and trained by us. These cities include DJ hire Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Geelong, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

In 2019 Discosource DJs has changed it’s business model to become a DJ agency, which means that we now use DJs who provide their own equipment, music, and bring along with themselves years of experience and varying skills and abilities. Each DJ has his own separate set of equipment and the price for each of our DJs will be different, based on all of the aforementioned things.

As entertainment experts, we pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism and the extra care we put into ensuring every event we DJ is successful, providing an exceptonal DJ service in Australia.

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Paul Anthony
(Founder-Professional DJ and DJ Hire Consultant)


Paul Anthony is the founder of Discosource DJs. He started the company himself at the age of 16 and began like most DJs DJing for family and friends until he finished high school. After high school Paul knew this was his passion, skipped university and dedicated his life to being a professional DJ.

Over the years Paul has DJ’d for just about every type of party or club event you can think of, in fact he has done over 1500 parties including a 6 month residency at Famous Nightclub in Phuket, Thailand.

Paul is dedicated to providing the best service possible by staying up to date the latest in technology, minipaul upgrading the whole company to using laptops well before they were popular among many other DJ companies in 2007. He has written a 10,000 word manual on “how to DJ” and is now developing his own CRM application for DJs to run their own DJ businesses, helping other DJs grow their business and teaching them new things in his website blog seen here.

Today, Paul still manages the business himself providing customer service in the office and still DJs events when he is requested to DJ, see his DJ profile here.

Discosource Values

From the very beginning, the Discosource values were clear and definite. Fifteen years on, we are still maintaining these values, with an unprecedented level of care. Our values are:

We only use the best, state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the guests at every event we DJ can enjoy their favourite music with great sound quality. We also focus on handpicking and training a team of only the most skilled DJs, and providing a choice of music that includes everybody’s most loved tunes, young or old.

In an industry that is sometimes overly casual, we aim to set a new standard in professionalism. We have developed a smooth, well documented process for all our clients’ peace of mind. Our DJs are reliable, punctual and bright people who genuinely care about the events they play at.

Customer service and satisfaction
We value our clients and use our professional experience to make their vision come to life. Organising a party or function can sometimes be stressful, and that is why we are here – to take the pressure off our client our DJs are people-focused and will do everything they can to please the crowd.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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