Things to Hire for a 21st Party

You’ve been waiting a full 21 years for this moment to come and now it’s finally here – Your 21st Birthday! Till now you’ve been a teenager flying under the radar scope of life. You’re 21 now – you are an adult. The numbers alone connote ‘Adulthood’ as each of those two digits ‘Twenty-One’ slips off the edge of your tongue. However let’s not indulge ourselves to much into the semantics of it all, you can yourself analyze layers once you’re done with the partying and not just partying but partying hard! You deserve it!

21st Bday-08

21st photo with friends

So let yourself loose and roam around and browse ideas, 21st birthdays are celebrated with great enthusiasm so don’t worry if you get a bit wild. Throwing a party and that to your 21st is definitely a biggie! We thought we’d help you out with a couple of ideas!

A DJ to set the mood

Your best bet is to probably hire a DJ, you’d want one to keep the background going and to set the mood for your rocking 21st, you should select one based on what theme you want or if you just want something casual. Be sure to select some tracks yourself and leave the rest to the DJ to mix and match as the evening goes on and they get kicking. Hire one where you don’t need to worry to much about guiding them, look around for a professional group who will take over your party’s atmosphere for you so you can dance into the night along with your friends.


The results of an awesome DJ and a room full of people!

Photo booth to capture all the crazy wild moments and moods


You only turn 21 once and for sure want to immortalize it! A photo booth is popular all over and is your fun thing to do on the side. This is something you definitely need to hire for your 21st birthday! You’re 21 now and all your friends are super excited because you are entering a new phase in your life and can dance the night away. Get a photo booth so you can squeeze in it with your friends to facially express how you’re feeling. We guarantee you’ll love it.


Catering – Food – Drinks!

birthday-cakeAt 21 you are not a kid anymore, and you and your friends will probably want to have a few drinks and a laugh together! Order finger food or get a good mobile caterer but focus mostly on keeping your guests happpy. For your 21st you could also hire a Alcohol Slushy machine to add a cool touch and fun to the celebration.

Looking for more ideas, hints and tips for your 21st birthday? Click here


21st Speech

Why You Should Choose a Party DJ Hire Vs a Club DJ

When you are trying to choose a party DJ hire for all of your guests to have a great time, you want to make sure that everything you acquire for your event fits perfectly together. You wouldn’t go to your local party store, grab twenty random items, and then say you’re good to go right? You put time and thought into planning an event, so why not put the same effort into picking the right party DJ hire.


When many people think of DJs, they just think it’s a person who can cater to whatever the event or party needs, no matter what. But the truth is there are many different DJs out there, and not all of them are right for your event.

Club DJs


Superstar DJ David Guetta

Club DJs are ones that are commonly portrayed in the media, and you will find them in public bars and club in any metropolitan area. They usually specialize in one style of music, and cater to a narrow audience that is there to enjoy that exact style of music. In terms of flexibility, it’s possible you may find a Club DJ to cater to your party or event, but they will unlikely be very experienced in catering to a wide audience, or even taking simple requests.


Fatboy Slim

Club DJs usually go into a venue that hired the DJ to play the music the DJ wants, and sometimes with a pre-defined set list that they are unlikely to change or alter in any way. Usually they will not have their own sound system or equipment, and will lean on the venue to provide these things. These are added costs that you should not have to worry about while coordinating your event.

Party DJs

Party DJs on the other hand, can cater to almost any audience and are prepared to do so prior to your event. Whether it be a birthday party, wedding reception, charity event, or even an organized dance, party disc jockey’s will have music prepared and tailored to your specific event. A party DJ is used to playing a wide assortment of music as week to week they are providing DJ services for a variety of clients, each wanting their own special theme or playlist.

DJ Paul Anthony

A large difference between Club DJs and Party DJ Hire is that Party DJs are not only there to fit your needs and make you happy, but also cater to your guests happiness and specific requests. While most events have a theme, sometimes a guest has a request that just fits that right now moment!

Club DJs are unlikely to listen or use such a request, whereas a Party DJ is a jack-of-all-trades that will queue up that song in no time flat. Party DJs are happy to take requests and are invested in keeping everyone happy, as happy guests lead to a happy employer and a fun time! Also, if you hire a Party DJ, they usually have all the equipment and sound systems they need as they cater to all different size venues and parties. That’s one less added cost you needn’t to worry about, and you’ll have more time to think of all the great music you can listen to!

So, if you’re looking for party DJ hire that will cater to your specific needs and events, enquire with us today.

5 Things to Consider When You Hire A DJ

Everyone knows a good DJ when they see one but when it comes time to hire a DJ what things should you really consider? We have put together some less obvious subtleties to keep in mind when you hire a DJ that will hopefully make choosing one a little easier.

Often people have a very 2D view on what skills make a DJ, looking at mixing ability as the only skill when if you look below the surface there are other important things. Bear in mind we are talking about DJs for special celebrations and not club DJs.

Music Selection

A good DJ has a wide knowledge of music from the 50s to today. Not only do they have a wide music knowledge they know how to blend from one style of music to another in order to keep the most people entertained at any given time. For example, at a wedding there will often be young and old people all in the same room, and generally speaking older people will not dance to the latest hits like young people will, yet young people will dance to classic hits and newer music. Therefore a good DJ will kick off the dance floor with some classic hits to get everyone on the floor. When the DJ finally comes to the newer music the young people will surely stick around and the older people may sit down or if they are having a good time will stay on the dance floor too.



While the music volume needs to be loud enough to create an atmosphere, when the music is too loud it can crush the atmosphere. People love dancing but they also need to be able to talk, and bear in mind older people who may be seated very close to the DJs speakers. DJs need to be sensitive to the volume of their music because when the volume is always too loud it can make you feel tense, and really make it hard to relax and enjoy the music.


Speaker Quality

Equipment quality is an extension of the volume element. As we mentioned already, louder doesn’t always equal better, and poor quality speakers can also bring down the atmosphere. We can assure you there is audible difference between cheap and expensive DJ speakers. No matter how good a DJ can be, poor speaker quality can be the bottle neck problem that holds a DJ down.



Simply knowing how to mix two songs together does not make you a professional DJ. Perhaps you know a friend who is a DJ or a friend of a friend and they are keen to do the job but you are not quite confident they will arrive on time and be dressed appropriately. This is why if you hire a DJ choosing an established DJ business will guarantee you this.


Mixing Skills

We did say that mixing skills are not the only thing to consider when you hire a DJ but that does mean it’s not important at all. When choosing to hire a DJ while it’s not necessarily important for your DJ to beat match songs together being able to blend them smoothly however is something of importance. A DJ should be able to blend two songs together so that people don’t really notice when one song finishes and the new one begins. This will ensure most people stay on the dance floor and don’t lose interest in-between songs, a vital time when people often leave. Beat matching is only really a skill that is required for more contemporary styles of music such as House and RnB, otherwise a simple fade mix will do the trick nicely.



Next time you hire a DJ . . .

So there you go, 5 important things to consider when you hire a DJ for your next party or celebration. The best way to find a DJ is when you see them at a party and they tick all these boxes mentioned above. If the opportunity has not yet presented itself however, you could always make an enquiry with us and ask about how our DJs can help you out. Click here to make an enquiry

Wedding DJ

Hints & Tips for your Wedding MC

< Print or make a PDF & email this to your Wedding MC


This Document has been written by Paul Anthony Copyright 2008

How to be a Professional Wedding MC

This is probably one of the most comprehensive guides written for wedding DJs and MCs that you will find on the internet. I wrote this many years ago for my DJs only and have finally decided to make this DJ/MC guide public for anyone who will benefit from the information. Feel free to pass it onto your wedding MC or if you are a DJ/MC yourself use this information until you too can call yourself a Professional Wedding DJ/MC.

Read more about Discosource Wedding DJs and MCs Here

Introduction to being a Wedding DJ/MC

This is a simple guide for Wedding DJs and MCs. As a wedding DJ, you have a responsibility beyond just being a “Party DJ”. This main responsibility is to take control of the running sheet/time schedule and make sure everything runs to the plan and in time, even if you are not the MC. Doing this job does not require a whole lot more energy, just your concentration. If for example the Introductions are set at 7:45, then make sure you prepare 5 minutes before and make them right on the dot. If the speeches are at 8:15, then don’t wait for someone to ask you, let the right people know they will need to be ready, and get it started right on cue.


As an MC, you are also a host, this does not mean that you have to be constantly using the microphone but it does mean that you must help co-ordinate events and make sure that the wedding runs to schedule, and you must also get the attention of the appropriate people at certain times. These are the people you may have to communicate with at a wedding:

  • Bride & Groom – To discuss music/cds provided, timing, preferences
  • Best Man / Matrons of Honour – To discuss music, timing, client details
  • Functions Manager – To discuss room lighting, meal times, schedule, client details
  • Caterer(Sometimes also the Function Manager) – To discuss meal times and servings
  • Photographer – To inform before formalities, so he/she can catch them on camera – Don’t forget to inform this person if they are not around!
  • Camera Man – To inform before formalities, so he/she can catch them on camera – Don’t forget to inform this person if they are not around!

Final Note

Don’t stress, it’s not brain science, just make sure you follow these instructions.

General Reminders for Wedding DJ/MCs

  • Remember to stay confident and calm, you need to focus on sustaining this state of mind
  • Imagine that you have done this a thousand times and now it is just another drill routine
  • Wedding clients are very important, this is their special day and this means that you must take the event very seriously in terms of punctuality, respect to guests and venue
  • Before you actually start, let the photographer and camera man know that you are about to start, we wouldn’t want them missing the crucial moments
  • Make sure you get the name pronunciations correct if necessary, speak to the client and bridal party before they enter the room
  • Speak clearly and confidently, with enthusiasm, like a radio presenter – Do not mumble
  • Even if you are not the MC, it is still your job to prompt the MC, or function manager to stick to the schedule
  • Before each main formality make sure you make an announcement 5 minutes prior to notify people to charge their glasses (if necessary) and/or go to the bathroom
  • Most people have a camera man at their wedding, so if you stuff up, it’s on candid camera, this is extra reason to do a little homework before the show


Always arrive an hour early to discuss plans with the venues function manager and the bridal party/bride & groom to do your pre-introductions

1. Make sure you arrive at least an hour early and dressed appropriately to verify all details and notes with the venue’s function manager, bridal party and bride & groom. Arriving in the last minute leaves no time for this and will dramatically increase negative pressure if no prior conversation has been made.

2. In this conversation you must verify that you have all CDs and music required for each individual segment of the whole wedding if you have not already (you will not be able to talk to them easily later on) and that you know how to pronounce all names required. Extra reminder to check pronunciation of names if necessary

3. The guests will probably be standing in the foyer having pre-dinner drinks for the first 30 minutes of the reception. When instructed by the reception manager, it is your job to welcome the guests to the room to be seated (sometimes the reception manager may do this him/herself or you may have to walk into the foyer and raise your voice).

  • Remember not to talk over people, get their attention first!“Ladies & Gentlemen could I please have your attention. It is time now to be seated so if you please could make your way back to your tables as we
    will begin the introductions shortly.”Wait 1 minute and ask people back to their seats again if they are not responding, try turning the music off if still no response.

4. When the foyer is clear, and before the introduction of the bridal party, if you are the MC, you must first make sure the bridal party are in the correct order that you will be calling them out. You must locate the bridal party, introduce yourself and line them up in the order on the run sheet. Usually it will be the flower girl or page boy, the parents, the bridal party, the best man/maid of honour, and finally the bride and groom.

5. In about 15 minutes, when everyone is seated, the bride, groom and bridal party will all be waiting at the door to be introduced (you did order them correctly didn’t you?), you must lower the volume of the music and get everyone’s attention.

Summary of the Pre Introductions

  • Arrive 1 hour early
  • Verify you have the introduction song and CDs if you haven’t already
  • Inform the guests to be seated
  • Locate the bridal party, introduce yourself, and check name pronunciations
  • Line up the bridal party in the order you will be calling them out
  • 5 minutes prior, announce for people to charge their glasses (in case of a toast) and go to the bathroom if necessary
  • Get everyone’s attention

The Introductions

1. This part is the hardest but most crucial part of the wedding, all eyes will be on you, so therefore you must be precise. Everyone gets nerves, so don’t worry, they are natural.

2. Before you actually start, let the photographer and camera man know that you are about to start, we wouldn’t want them missing the crucial moments.

3. During the introductions, you will keep everyone seated until all the bridal party have been introduced and then make a special standing just for the bride and groom, for now, everyone shall remain seated. Once standing, people should (although sometimes they don’t) remain standing until the bride has been escorted to sit down by her new husband.
4. Remember to be confident and encourage people to give a response after each introductions with variations such as:
a. (afterwards say) …could I get a warm round of applause
b. (afterwards sat) …could I please have a great big round of applause
c. (afterwards say) …please make them welcome
d. (before say) please make welcome…
e. Put your hands together for…
f. (at the end say) …Thank you very much for your time
g. Show your appreciation for…
5. The introduction will begin a little something like this:

“Ladies and gentlemen could I please have your attention as we introduce the bridal party to the room.’ ~Wait until everyone is quiet, just before you begin play the entrance song, if none is chosen, play ‘Michael Bubble – The Way You Look Tonight’.

6. OK. First up into the room we have the Flower Girl and Page Boy, (name) & (name), PLEASE MAKE THEM WELCOME (make sure you say this loud and clear to encourage applause)

a. Fade the volume up quite loud so it is in line with the clapping and also to kill the silence after the clapping dies down however go back to very low volume before the next introduction. Usually the bride and groom will have chosen a song which will be on your wedding plan sheet however if they have not play: Michael Bubble – The Way You Look Tonight

7. Next up into the room we have the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen (name) & (name)

PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER! (say with enthusiasm)

a. You can relax because by now you might have realised that people aren’t really
looking at you, they are more concerned and happy about seeing their family
members getting married. So don’t be nervous.

8. Repeat for each Bridesmaids and Groomsmen there are.

9. And now we have the Best Man and the Matron of Honour (name) & (name).



11. And now could we have every one standing!

12. Wait a minute til everyone stands

13. Please allow me to introduce to you (quick pause), for the first time as husband and wife (quick pause), Mr & Mrs. (new surname). Could I get a great big round of applause.

a. Make sure you know the surname, the pronunciation and are ready to announce smoothly and clearly – this should have been done in pre-intros. Also look at the wedding plan sheet for how they would like to be introduced. Mr & Mrs. (New Surname) OR (Name) & (Name) (New Surname). It will say on the wedding plan sheet.

14. Now play introduction song selected by client, if there is one. Put the volume up moderately loud, and wait for the Bride & Groom to make their way to the table.

15. Let them find their seats and then give permission for people to be seated so everyone sits down with the bride and groom

16. Thank you very much, you may now be seated. Your entrée will be served shortly.

17. You may now sit down yourself and continue playing dinner music

18. Sometimes people may go from the introductions straight to the cutting of the cake or perhaps even the bridal waltz, if this is the case, then go to that part of the script (See below) and follow the instructions. Whatever the case, it will say on you wedding plan sheet!

Summary of the Introductions

  • Refer to the wedding plan sheet for details on the introduction song, names of people, and what is taking place directly after the introductions (entrée, cake, bridal waltz, etc)
  • Before you begin, warn people 5 minutes ahead that you are about to do the introductions
  • Remember to stay calm and confident, once you announce the first couple it gets easier from there.
  • Always throw in a comment to encourage applause after each couple
  • Have the introduction song ready, and fade it moderately loud between announcements. If no song has been chosen, stick with ‘The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Bubble’.
  • Keep everyone seated except when you introduce the bride and groom
  • Keep everyone standing until the bride and groom are at their table and seat everyone together.
  • Close by announcing the entrée OR the next event on the agenda.
  • Don’t stuff up, it’s on camera! (joking… follow the instructions and you’ll be just fine)


When it’s time for the speeches it is your responsibility to help co-ordinate things. You must remember to warn people with an announcement 5 minutes prior, announce up the first speaker, and carry the microphone between speakers. This means that you announce the speeches, and introduce the first speaker, and then hand the microphone to them. After they have spoken you must take the microphone from that speaker, thank them, and hand it to the next. In some cases you may sit back whilst the people who are doing speeches work this out themselves however at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to make sure everything runs smooth. Begin the speeches with:

1. Five minutes before the speeches you must say: Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to do the speeches so if you would like to go to the bathroom now is the time, and if you could please also charge your glasses. Thank you.

2. Then begin with: Ladies and Gentlemen could I please have your attention as we are about to do the speeches. Wait for about 2 minutes until everyone is ready. If there is anyone outside, then call them in.

3. Could anyone out in the foyer please make their way inside for the speeches, thankyou.

4. Once you have everyone’s attention you may continue by saying.

5. And first up for the speeches we have (position. Eg. Father of the Bride, Best Man) (name), please make them welcome.

6. After someone has spoken take the microphone from them and say, Thank you very much, and now we have……

If your microphone can reach the table of the person speaking, then bring it to them.

7. Let everyone speak and when the speeches are over it is now time to get prepared for the cutting of the cake or the bridal waltz depending on the structure of the wedding – Check your wedding schedule provided by the venue or Discosource DJs.

Summary of the Speeches

  • 5 minutes before you begin, remind people to charge their glasses and go to the bathroom if necessary
  • Look over your wedding plan to see the order of the speakers, get everyone’s attention and welcome the first speaker
  • Take hold of the microphone between speakers to announce the next speaker
  • Encourage applause from the guests before each speakerThat simple!

Cutting of the Cake

Cutting the cake is a simple formality however sometimes everyone gets a bit lost now knowing what to do. First you need to announce the cutting of the cake, then make a count to 3 and then ask for applause. As you get applause from the crowd, play the selected song by the client if they chose one, otherwise play ’98 Degrees – I Do’ or something else appropriate. Always make sure the photographer is ready.

1. (After the introductions or speeches – Usually)

2. And now it is time for the cutting of the cake, for any of you who have cameras and would like to take photos now is your chance, please feel welcome to make your way up the front of the room.

3. People will get out of their chairs and bring their cameras to the cake

4. Wait til everyone including the photographer is ready.

5. The photographer (if he/she is there) will guide them into position for the photos and then you must say:

Okay we will do this one the count of 3. One….. Two…. Aaaannd 3. Could we get a
round of applause.

6. And as people are clapping play the song for the cutting of the cake, if they have not chosen one play ’98 Degrees – I Do’.

7. People may continue to chat amongst each other waiting for what is to come next which depending on the schedule could be the bridal waltz or maybe even the speeches. Check your wedding plan sheet.

Summary of the Cutting of the Cake

  • Make the announcement for the cake
  • Wait for the bride and groom to get to the cake
  • Wait for the photographer to guide them into position
  • Count them in and on the count of 3 ask for an applause

The Bridal Waltz

1. The Bridal Waltz will usually be a love ballad and there is usually a second ballad for the next song, then dancing music. The Bridal Waltz will have been chosen by the client and the second song you may choose, unless you have been instructed otherwise on the wedding plan sheet. (See below for some suggestions)

2. Usually after the cutting of the cake, main or the speeches is the bridal waltz, be prepared because the cutting of the cake does not take long. Then say: And now Ladies & Gentlemen it is time for the first dance as husband and wife, so if we could please get your attention to the dance floor and make them welcome!

3. Play the bridal waltz selected by the customer, perhaps if there is an intro, have the CD ready and play 15 seconds or so before they enter the floor.

4. Play the bridal waltz, and check the wedding plan sheet to see if the client has chosen to dance for the whole song or only the first couple minutes only before the bridal party are welcomed to the floor. Some people feel self conscious and do not want to be on the floor alone for longer than a minute, others see this formality as a very special moment and want to dance for the whole song, or perhaps they could have choreographed dance steps and there is a specific minute and second. Keep the same song playing until the end whilst you announce the next group onto the floor. Each customer has a different preference however if they have not said anything or you have prior instruction then welcome the bridal party.

5. Next you must check the wedding plan to see who is to be invited next. Everyone will be different, if for example the bride or groom have parents that have passed away or are divorced sometimes they will skip the parents. Now the Bride & Groom are dancing, when instructed (as per wedding schedule), invite the parents of the bride & groom onto the dance floor (if instructed, if not then continue with the bridal party)

6. Could we now welcome to the floor the Bridal Party, put your hands together!

7. Wait a minute or two and then say

8. And now I’d like to invite anyone else who would like to join them onto the dance floor. Ladies and Gentlemen the dance floor is open.

9. This should kick off the dancing segment, and for the third song (after the second ballad), it’s time to kick off with some dancing. While everyone is partner dancing, I usually like to play a few more partner dancing songs to keep the couples and elders on the floor, and to make the transition from partner dancing a smooth one.

Suggestions to start off some good partner/slow dancing songs may be:
i. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Vallie
ii. Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen
iii. Sway (Salsa Version) – Michael Bubble
iv. Rock’n’Roll Megamix – Jive Bunny
v. Michael Bubble – Moondance (fade in after the loud intro)
vi. The Lambada

Suggestions of some good party songs to start with may be:
vii. B52s – Loveshack
viii. Kool & The Gang – Celebration
ix. Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music
x. Superstitious – Stevie Wonder

Suggestions of some songs to play directly after the bridal waltz, if the client has not
chosen one:
i. The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Bubble (Best Choice)
ii. I Do – Brandy
iii. At Last – Etta James
iv. Stand By Me – Ben E. King
v. Back At One – Brian McKnight

Summary of the Bridal Waltz

  • The Bridal Waltz formality consists of 2 partner dancing songs, the bridal waltz and the song proceeding the bridal waltz
  • Call the bride and groom onto the dance floor and ask for applause as the bride and groom make their way down.
  • Check the wedding plan to see how long the couple would like to dance for, 1 minute, 2 minutes, an exact time (if choreographed) or perhaps the whole song before you announce the next people onto the dance floor.
  • Check who is to called out after the bride and groom and in what order
  • If they have not chosen a second song then play ‘The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Bubble’

The Farewell Ceremonies

1. This part of the night is winding things up. All clients are different, some don’t do this part because they want to party until the last minute, however most do, this applies to the garter, bouquet and farewell circle.
2. This usually happens 30 minutes before the set finish time, do not leave this too late or you will end up going overtime and venues do not like this!

The Bouquet & Garter Ceremony

Throwing the Bouquet

1. This is where the bride throws the flowers behind her head, and whoever catches the flowers “is getting married next”. Unless the client has chosen a specific song, then to attract the girls to the dance floor, it is best to play, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper’.

2. Have a bit of fun with this. Say : Ok now can we get all the single girls in the room onto the dance floor, and this goes for anyone who is not married. Technically if your not married, your single!

3. All the girls will round up while your playing this song. Wait for the bride to get to the floor and count her in. and… ooone….twwoooo….threee!

4. Now as she throws the Boquet press the ‘CUE’ button to temporarily stop the music while the Boquet is in mid-air, this adds to the suspense, and then press ‘PLAY’ again just as someone catches it.

5. Congratulations! I think we know who’s getting married next! (or something like this)

Collecting the Garter

6. This is very similar, however starts a little differently. First the Groom goes down on his knees and collects the scrunchy from the brides thigh/leg with his teeth. Sometimes more conservative people will choose not to do this in front of their family and friends and skip straight to the throwing of the garter.

7. As the groom goes down to get the scrunchy it is good to play a different song to the actual throwing of the garter. Something a little raunchy, the best song to play here is ‘Cream – Prince’, however it is important you skip the moaning noises in the first few seconds. As soon as the drum beat of this song kicks in, everyone will get revved up and there will be a lot of excitement in the air.

Throwing of the Garter

8. After the Groom retrieves the scrunchy, then the next part is when the Groom throws is over his head so once again round up the single guys this time. The next song to play is ‘Thunderstruck – ACDC’, start playing this song before calling the guys up. This song usually gets all the guys quite pumped up and into the spirit.

9. Ok now can I get all the single guys in the room onto the dance floor, remember if you’re not married your single.

10. This time as someone catches it do not stop the song playing, when one of the guys catches it finish up by saying

Thank you very much, and now it is time for the farewell circle, so if we could get everyone onto the dance floor please and if everyone could just spread out a little so we can all fit.

The Farewell Circle

This part of the night is winding things up. All clients are different, some don’t do this part because they want to party until the last minute, however most do.

1. Start by saying:

Thank you very much, and now it is time for the farewell circle, so if we could get everyone onto the dance floor please and if everyone could just spread out a little so we can all fit.

2. Now the Bride & Groom will be making their way around the circle to say goodbye, so the Bride will walk this way(clockwise) and the groom will walk this way(anticlockwise) as they say their last goodbyes!

Thank you very much, and now it is time for the farewell circle, so if we could get everyone onto the dance floor please and if everyone could just spread out a little so we can all fit.

3. Then instruct the bride and groom.

4. Now the Bride & Groom will be making their way around the circle to say goodbye, so the Bride will walk this way(clockwise) and the groom will walk this way(anticlockwise) as they say their last goodbyes!

5. Now play some ballads and soft songs, the client may have instructed some songs to play, if so play them.

6. You may begin to wind up, however don’t pack up until the finish time, or until everyone has left the room. Sometimes at weddings after the bride and groom leave you may play for another 5 or 10 minutes until the finish time.

Suggestions of songs to play during the farewell circle:
i. Red Red Wine – UB40
ii. More Than Words – Extreme
iii. Stand By Me – Ben E. King
iv. How Deep Is You Love – The Bee Gees
v. I’ve Had The Time Of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
vi. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
vii. The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Bubble
viii. Home – Michael Bubble
ix. Just The Two Of Us – Grover Washington
x. All Night Long – Lionel Richie
xi. George Benson – On Broadway

Suggestions of songs to play after the Bride & Groom leave the room:
i. Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez
ii. Hot Hot Hot – Arrow
iii. The Cup Of Life – Ricky Martin
iv. Anything upbeat and energetic OR if you don’t have any time left,
something slow.

Other Announcements
Depending on the formality of the event or the venue, you may be required to announce meals, dessert and coffee. It is highly recommended that you avoid making an announcement for dessert as it quite often kills the dance floor and makes it much harder to get things warmed up again. Consult with client if it is not noted what the client prefers on the Wedding Plan Sheet.

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by Paul Anthoni


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Organising your 21st birthday can be a daunting task, especially if you have never organised a big party before. We’ve come up with 21 hints and tips for making sure your 21st birthday goes off without a hitch!


Don’t forget to prepare for your 21st speech!

  1. Make a plan – Multimillionaire Brian Tracey tells that writing your goals onto paper will increase the chances of reaching your goals by 1000% and that writing an action plan to achieve them will save 5 minutes for every minute you spend planning, and yet only 3% of adults write them down. If you want your 21st birthday to go down without a hitch we recommend think of everything first and work out what needs to be done.
  2. Set a Budget – The next thing you need to do is decide how much you are going to spend. If you start spending without a budget you are going to spend more than you can imagine and worst case scenario, run out of funds to make your party a hit!
  3. Check the date – Make sure that your friends aren’t having parties on the same night as you before you confirm the date. It will be a catastrophe and make it hard to get numbers to your party.
  4. Make it on a Friday – I will let you in on a little secret in the hospitality industry, Saturday’s are busier than Fridays. These days everyone wants to have their party on a Saturday. As venues usually only have 1 room to offer this pushes the price up greatly, so schedule your party for a Friday night and ask your venue what kind of deal they can offer you, your DJ might be able to give you a good deal too.
  5. Choose the right location – Location, Location, Location! Ok. You’re not buying real estate here but it does make a difference. Make sure most of your friends and relatives don’t have to spend too much time searching for parking or have to travel too far, and keep in mind where you might be travelling afterwards.
  6. Find the perfect venue (on the net) – Location, room hire cost, drink prices, capacity, these are the things that you are going to have to think about when choosing a venue. It’s not real easy trying to find the best venue, we suggest checking out some of the great new aussie search engines for venues on the internet, they will tell you all the important details you need to know without having to drive from venue to venue asking questions.
  7. Consider the weather – If your holding your 21st at home and possibly outdoors you might need to consider the weather. Look on the internet and see what the weather was like last year on that day!
  8. Make sure it’s fully equipped – If you’re holding your 21st at home then you might be a little under-equipped for party supplies such as tables, chairs, marquees, wooden dance floors & outdoor heaters to name a few things. I was at a home wedding recently and unfortunately it was raining and the tarp they had just didn’t cover the place well and it was freezing. I recommend if it’s at home or outdoors, consider getting a professional marque and heater to keep the place warm. Check out Harry the Hirer for an excellent service that will have your private party more organised than some venues!
  9. Let the neighbours know – If you’re not close with your neighbours it might be an idea to visit them and let them know, or at the very least write up a letter to warn them of the noise and reduce the chance of the police knocking on your door.
  10. Get your invites out early – Plan ahead and get your invites out early, your friends will need to schedule that date into their calendars and make sure their available.
  11. Request an RSVP – If you want to be certain that it’s going to be a real success request an RSVP and make sure you have the numbers before a set date before you give the go ahead.
  12. Choose a theme – This might sound a little cheesy but it doesn’t have to be a costume party, perhaps something as simple as everyone needs to wear a hat, or some sunnies, another idea is for people to dress as something that starts with the first letter of their name.
  13. Create a Facebook event – If you’ve got a facebook account, this is an easy way to get in touch with your friends. You will be surprised how many of your family and friends might already be online, and it’s very simple to create an event in your calendar and invite everyone along.
  14. Design some cool invites – Invites can be more than formal letters to inform everyone the details of your party, have fun with the invite, perhaps add some humour and make it something that your friends will talk about.
  15. Choose a new outfit – This is usually the thing that mostly girls will do, in fact they’ll buy an outfit for every occasion, but if it’s your 21st, then guys this is for you too! You need to be looking sharp on your special day so don’t be out dressed by your friends.
  16. Decorate the venue – Whether you have hired your venue or it is at home, you might be expected to decorate it yourself. There are plenty of $2 shops around that have heaps of cool things to decorate your venue such as balloons, streamers, birthday banners and more.
  17. Prepare for the speech – Time keeps moving forward and eventually it’s going to be time for your 21st speech. We know you’re not looking forward to it so choose your friends wisely. Maybe you could limit their speech time to 2 minutes each and this way there is less chance for social desctruction.
  18. Make a slideshow – This is the story of your life, so make it something special and put together a slide show. Perhaps you have a willing family member who will help out. If you need a projector, speak to your venue or DJ supplier, in most cases they will have one that you can hire for a little extra.
  19. The Cake – Every 21st birthday needs to have a cake, so make sure you choose the one that suits you best. The most common thing that often occurs is that people will choose a cake that looks good but doesn’t taste as good as it looks. Sometimes the simplest cake can be the best choice, like an ice cream cake or chocolate mud cake, ice cream and chocolate are two things that most people are bound to enjoy.
  20. Get it catered! – Well this does sound obvious but what we are really suggesting is that you don’t do it yourself. You want to relax and enjoy your 21st birthday and let everyone else take care of you.
  21. Get a rockin’ DJ! – Well we are here to help you with that, but what you can do is if you have specific music you like from your home collection or you are very specific about what you want just make a simple list with about 20 songs for the DJ and tell him/her to squeeze them into the schedule. This way the DJ has a good idea of the type of music you like and you have some level of control over the music.

Thanks for reading our 21 hints, tips and ideas on how to successfully organise your 21st birthday, hope it has helped some of you and if you are looking for a DJ visit our 21st birthday DJ page!

by Paul Anthoni

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Bring In The New Year With Style!

The celebration that happens on New Year’s Eve is filled with music and fun to be had by all. Having a good DJ is vital to making sure that your NYE party runs smoothly. Here are a few different qualities you should look for in a good New Years Eve DJ.

new years eve dj

Founder of Discosource DJs : DJ Paul Anthoni at Famous Phuket

Big Records

Your party should be filled with the sounds from all of the year’s biggest hits and not new songs that only the DJ knows. Your guests will want to hear music that they know and that they can dance to all night long. Be sure to find a DJ that knows the expectations that you have for the song selection so there will not be any confusion on the night of the party. Many DJs have software that keeps up with the biggest hits on the charts, so they can make a playlist that reflects the collective taste of your party guests. Be sure to let the DJ know that you want some older songs with New Year theme in them thrown in during your shindig.


A good NYE DJ will not be afraid to get on the microphone and engage the crowd in between songs. The DJ can playfully joke with your guests and give them an updated countdown to the New Year, which will keep your guests having fun until the midnight. Most DJs understand the importance of communicating with the crowd, so be sure that the one you hire knows that you expect plenty of interaction with your guests.

new years eve 2013

Party Like It’s 1999 : Ole Ole


Your new years eve DJ should listen to the requests of your guests because this will keep the crowd happy with the music selection. Good requests can also increase the mood of everyone at the party and make your party a big hit. Be sure that your DJ knows that you expect them to listen to request and to play them for the guests in a timely manner. Most DJs will realize the importance of requests and will welcome your guests with a friendly attitude no matter how many times they come to request.

new years eve dj brings in the new year

Rooftop Nightclub (top of the club)

A New Year’s Eve party will attract people from all walks of life who just want to have a good time. A good DJ can make your party fun and entertaining, which will have people talking for months. Be sure to do plenty of research before deciding on the DJ for your party.

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Discosource has made a name for itself as one of the reputable DJs on the Gold Coast, working with a wide variety of crowds and events – from wedding DJs Gold Coast to large corporate parties and children’s discos. Our top notch yet affordable DJs are well trained in their ability to work a crowd, show you a good time, and work with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for each event.


With a complete compact DJ setup including LED lights, we can setup in any sized venue, big or small.

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When you hire a DJ on the Gold Coast ensure they have an extensive music list that spans multiple eras. Our song list covers the top hits from every single year since 1950, not to mention a great selection of genres for cocktail parties from Cafe Del Mar and Chillout to Acoustic Pop and Love Ballads. Make a request on the day and our DJs for hire will be happy to take the music in a new direction.

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Superb Wedding Djs Gold Goast

Quality DJs with Quality Equipment

The speakers we use are a well known leading brand known as RCF, these speakers have a great lively sound, easily replacable fuses and look neat as a part of any mobile DJ setup. Our equipment also includes LED sound activated lighting and a microphone for speeches. We also come along with all the necessary power cables and adapters we need so you don’t have to provide anything.

Amazing Gold Coast DJ Hire


Our Wedding DJs on the Gold Coast

A wedding is a special occasion that should not be spoilt by bad music. Music is one of the ingredients that make a wedding lively. However, poor choice of DJs can spoil your wedding day; the amount you put into it not withstanding.

When looking for professional DJs who can spice up your day, you need not look further than Discosource DJs. With experienced Wedding DJs on the Gold Coast, and the ability to get the right music mix that will create energy, ambiance and connection with your guests.

Get your camera's ready

Get your camera’s ready

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What’s more? Our DJs turn up on time and perform without a hitch, from the beginning to the end of the occasion without causing any disruption to your party. We also value and respect your guests and will strive to make your wedding memorable to them.

Shopping for your DJ hire Gold Coast may not be something you do many times in your life, but it’s something that you must get right. A DJ can make or break your special event so be sure to make a smart choice with a well informed decision.

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Professional DJ Hire Geelong

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Perfect blue night skies of Geelong

DJ Hire Geelong

As a superior DJ service, Discosource Professional DJ’s do one thing and one thing well; Add a great soundtrack to your night. Our friendly and multi-talented disc jockeys Geelong can also MC your wedding or event as an affordable alternative! A myriad of equipment options are also available for Geelong DJ hire, so any event can be catered for.

What’s Provided with our Geelong DJ Hire

Our party DJ’s come equipped and ready before they even get out of bed in the morning. Each disc jockey brings a simple and effective setup to every gig consisting of 3 main items;

1) A laptop with industry leading Traktor 2 software and an inexhaustible amount of party music. You can even ask us for specific songs if you don’t see it in our list.

2) An impressive set of self-powered RCF speakers capable of turning any area into a dancefloor.

3) A music-activated LED lighting system which adds instant ambience to your event. Additional equipment can also be booked, such as smoke machines, stobes, bubble machines, and more!

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Each of our Geelong DJ’s has been trained in the operation of equipment, public presentation and performance, customer service and interaction, and each have access to a range of support services, all to ensure your Geelong DJ hire is better than the rest and your event entertainment goes as smoothly as possible.

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Discosource Professional DJ’s have been in the events industry for 15 years, giving us an edge over our Geelong DJ hire competitors. It also gives us a whole bunch of experience in delivering great service and outstanding events.

Want the right atmosphere to go with your music?
mirrorballWe have a great stock of smoke machines and lighting effects – including UV, strobe, bubble machines and laser lights – to help you create the perfect mood for your event. The right lighting can have a powerful effect on the success of an evening, and we’re here to help you get there.

mobile dj hire

A big part of our philosophy at Discosource DJ’s are our three core values; Quality, Professionalism and Customer Service and Satisfaction. Established at the inception of our dj company, these values are paramount to our success, and inform all our interactions and operations. Quality of equipment and service is key, and keeps customers coming back year on year. Professionalism is a given, and it’s in our name so we should be all over it. Customer Service and Satisfaction is also very important to us, and another reason for our success. We’ve done our job when a customer is completely satisfied with our service.

Our digital music library for DJs in Perth

There’s no greater satisfaction for us than a job well done. Discosource DJ’s provide affordable DJ hire Geelong, and we’ll always strive to provide a competitive dj service that punches above it’s weight, for any event large or small. If you speak to most party guests, the thing that most commonly makes or breaks a wedding, function or party is the music.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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Professional DJ Hire in Canberra

Been searching high and low for your DJ hire Canberra? In such a small city, finding a DJ service of your choice is not exactly replete with options, but this doesn’t mean that Canberran’s don’t like to party. If you’re planning any social or personal event like a wedding reception or a birthday celebration, then Discosource DJs are the premium choice to make an intergral part of it’s success.


Professional and Reliable DJs in Canberra

Why more and more people are opting for DJ Hire Canberra

DJs have become primary entertainers for a variety of events and parties. The reason for their increasing popularity is that they are usually less expensive than a live band. We must understand that Canberra disc jockey’s, although same in terms of profession, are not the same in terms of their taste and music ability. If you are looking to hire a DJ and want to make the right decision, then you should look for DJ hire Canberra where the services are very cost-effective as well as entertaining.

Choose an Established Canberra DJ Hire Company

Each specialty requires a unique set of skills. What works for a wedding may not necessarily be suitable for a fund raiser. When considering a professional DJ service, look for one that has experience with the type of event you are planning. Our Canberra DJ hire offers a selection of experienced party disc jockey’s for entertaining your event and making it full of fun and excitement rather than a boring one. Our DJs for hire will happily play the songs per your request and follow your music instructions for the event.

Never go past our Canbera DJ Hire

Canberra DJ Hire For All Occasions

Discosource DJs provide DJs for a vareity of functions, from birthdays to corporate events, engagements and weddings. If you are planning to make your wedding a memorable one, don’t forget to contact our wedding djs Canberra and hire a DJ that will surely impress your family and friends. Professional equipment, LED effect lighting, your choice of songs and a microphone for speeches are also facilitated by our affordable yet quality Canberra DJs.

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Choosing a wedding dj canberra with Experience

Our Extensive Music Library

As an established DJ service, we have developed an amazing digitally advanced music system to cater songs and music for everyone, even for the pickiest of crowds. With a collection of over 25,000 songs including nearly every style imaginable, we can definitely provide the selection that you would like to hear most. The two most popular styles of music requested are classic hits & the latest Top 40 charts, we got that covered too. With our Canberra DJ hire, our disc jockey’s monitor each event they attend individually to provide the best music possible for their audience.

our speakers

Our client-focused approach guarantees customer satisfaction. Whether you’d prefer our DJ hire Canberra play a set list for your event from our sophisticated online music planner which is determined by or to work from our impressive music bank. Let us know beforehand and we’ll blacklist the losers and keep your personal favorites in mind.


A priceless experience at a competitive price

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