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Top DJ Hire Gold Coast, Discosource DJs

Make the next choice for your DJ hire Gold Coast a special A list success with one of our top shelf party DJs. With plenty of experience and a real knack for the business, our passionate disc jockey’s on the Gold Coast will make your party a night to remember. As one of Australia’s party hot spots, the Gold Coast knows a good party when they see it, and we aim to exceed your expectations.


Meet one of our Professional DJs Josh who lives on the Gold Coast!


A Diverse DJ Hire Gold Coast Team

Discosource has made a name for itself as one of the reputable DJs on the Gold Coast, working with a wide variety of crowds and events – from wedding DJs Gold Coast to large corporate parties and children’s discos. Our top notch yet affordable DJs are well trained in their ability to work a crowd, show you a good time, and work with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for each event.


With a complete compact DJ setup including LED lights, we can setup in any sized venue, big or small.

Gold Coast DJ Hire with a Difference

If you have been searching for a Gold Coast DJ hire company you can trust we may be what you’re after. Discosource DJs are veterans in the mobile DJ industry and have developed solid systems for recruiting, training and communicating with our DJs. Our party DJs Gold Coast are provided with a vast array of music styles and a quality sound and light show to back them up.

Exlusive Online Music Planner Tool

Discosource DJs are also flexible in the way they work. We have come up with a simple way to plan the music for your event by breaking it down into two parts, background and dancing music. Select the genres you want to hear or choose a group of songs with our  sophisticated online music planner, alternatively just give us an idea of what you want and let our disc jockey’s Gold Coast do the rest.

online music planner-discosource

When you hire a DJ on the Gold Coast ensure they have an extensive music list that spans multiple eras. Our song list covers the top hits from every single year since 1950, not to mention a great selection of genres for cocktail parties from Cafe Del Mar and Chillout to Acoustic Pop and Love Ballads. Make a request on the day and our DJs for hire will be happy to take the music in a new direction.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Contact us  today!

Superb Wedding Djs Gold Goast

Quality DJs with Quality Equipment

The speakers we use are a well known leading brand known as RCF, these speakers have a great lively sound, easily replacable fuses and look neat as a part of any mobile DJ setup. Our equipment also includes LED sound activated lighting and a microphone for speeches. We also come along with all the necessary power cables and adapters we need so you don’t have to provide anything.

Amazing Gold Coast DJ Hire


Our Wedding DJs on the Gold Coast

A wedding is a special occasion that should not be spoilt by bad music. Music is one of the ingredients that make a wedding lively. However, poor choice of DJs can spoil your wedding day; the amount you put into it not withstanding.

When looking for professional DJs who can spice up your day, you need not look further than Discosource DJs. With experienced Wedding DJs on the Gold Coast, and the ability to get the right music mix that will create energy, ambiance and connection with your guests.

Get your camera's ready

Get your camera’s ready

We are not ordinary gold coast wedding DJs who spin just for the sake of money. What inspires us is to see your event succeed. We have some of the best wedding DJs on the Gold Coast. What sets us apart from the rest is that we love and know the type of music that fits any occasion.

What’s more? Our DJs turn up on time and perform without a hitch, from the beginning to the end of the occasion without causing any disruption to your party. We also value and respect your guests and will strive to make your wedding memorable to them.

Shopping for your DJ hire Gold Coast may not be something you do many times in your life, but it’s something that you must get right. A DJ can make or break your special event so be sure to make a smart choice with a well informed decision.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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Professional DJ Hire Geelong

Looking to hire a DJ for your event? Something to give your wedding, birthday, work function or house party the impact it deserves? Discosource Professional DJ’s is the name to know. An affordable DJ service that delivers, Discosource use their years of service in the entertainment and events industry to take your party to the next level.

affordable dj hire geelong

Perfect blue night skies of Geelong

DJ Hire Geelong

As a superior DJ service, Discosource Professional DJ’s do one thing and one thing well; Add a great soundtrack to your night. Our friendly and multi-talented disc jockeys Geelong can also MC your wedding or event as an affordable alternative! A myriad of equipment options are also available for Geelong DJ hire, so any event can be catered for.

What’s Provided with our Geelong DJ Hire

Our party DJ’s come equipped and ready before they even get out of bed in the morning. Each disc jockey brings a simple and effective setup to every gig consisting of 3 main items;

1) A laptop with industry leading Traktor 2 software and an inexhaustible amount of party music. You can even ask us for specific songs if you don’t see it in our list.

2) An impressive set of self-powered RCF speakers capable of turning any area into a dancefloor.

3) A music-activated LED lighting system which adds instant ambience to your event. Additional equipment can also be booked, such as smoke machines, stobes, bubble machines, and more!

See our wedding djs geelong

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range here.

Each of our Geelong DJ’s has been trained in the operation of equipment, public presentation and performance, customer service and interaction, and each have access to a range of support services, all to ensure your Geelong DJ hire is better than the rest and your event entertainment goes as smoothly as possible.

best geelong dj hire

Discosource Professional DJ’s have been in the events industry for 15 years, giving us an edge over our Geelong DJ hire competitors. It also gives us a whole bunch of experience in delivering great service and outstanding events.

Want the right atmosphere to go with your music?
mirrorballWe have a great stock of smoke machines and lighting effects – including UV, strobe, bubble machines and laser lights – to help you create the perfect mood for your event. The right lighting can have a powerful effect on the success of an evening, and we’re here to help you get there.

mobile dj hire

A big part of our philosophy at Discosource DJ’s are our three core values; Quality, Professionalism and Customer Service and Satisfaction. Established at the inception of our dj company, these values are paramount to our success, and inform all our interactions and operations. Quality of equipment and service is key, and keeps customers coming back year on year. Professionalism is a given, and it’s in our name so we should be all over it. Customer Service and Satisfaction is also very important to us, and another reason for our success. We’ve done our job when a customer is completely satisfied with our service.

Our digital music library for DJs in Perth

There’s no greater satisfaction for us than a job well done. Discosource DJ’s provide affordable DJ hire Geelong, and we’ll always strive to provide a competitive dj service that punches above it’s weight, for any event large or small. If you speak to most party guests, the thing that most commonly makes or breaks a wedding, function or party is the music.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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Professional DJ Hire in Canberra

Been searching high and low for your DJ hire Canberra? In such a small city, finding a DJ service of your choice is not exactly replete with options, but this doesn’t mean that Canberran’s don’t like to party. If you’re planning any social or personal event like a wedding reception or a birthday celebration, then Discosource DJs are the premium choice to make an intergral part of it’s success.


Professional and Reliable DJs in Canberra

Why more and more people are opting for DJ Hire Canberra

DJs have become primary entertainers for a variety of events and parties. The reason for their increasing popularity is that they are usually less expensive than a live band. We must understand that Canberra disc jockey’s, although same in terms of profession, are not the same in terms of their taste and music ability. If you are looking to hire a DJ and want to make the right decision, then you should look for DJ hire Canberra where the services are very cost-effective as well as entertaining.

Choose an Established Canberra DJ Hire Company

Each specialty requires a unique set of skills. What works for a wedding may not necessarily be suitable for a fund raiser. When considering a professional DJ service, look for one that has experience with the type of event you are planning. Our Canberra DJ hire offers a selection of experienced party disc jockey’s for entertaining your event and making it full of fun and excitement rather than a boring one. Our DJs for hire will happily play the songs per your request and follow your music instructions for the event.

Never go past our Canbera DJ Hire

Canberra DJ Hire For All Occasions

Discosource DJs provide DJs for a vareity of functions, from birthdays to corporate events, engagements and weddings. If you are planning to make your wedding a memorable one, don’t forget to contact our wedding djs Canberra and hire a DJ that will surely impress your family and friends. Professional equipment, LED effect lighting, your choice of songs and a microphone for speeches are also facilitated by our affordable yet quality Canberra DJs.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range here.

Choosing a wedding dj canberra with Experience

Our Extensive Music Library

As an established DJ service, we have developed an amazing digitally advanced music system to cater songs and music for everyone, even for the pickiest of crowds. With a collection of over 25,000 songs including nearly every style imaginable, we can definitely provide the selection that you would like to hear most. The two most popular styles of music requested are classic hits & the latest Top 40 charts, we got that covered too. With our Canberra DJ hire, our disc jockey’s monitor each event they attend individually to provide the best music possible for their audience.

our speakers

Our client-focused approach guarantees customer satisfaction. Whether you’d prefer our DJ hire Canberra play a set list for your event from our sophisticated online music planner which is determined by or to work from our impressive music bank. Let us know beforehand and we’ll blacklist the losers and keep your personal favorites in mind.


A priceless experience at a competitive price

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Quality DJ Hire Newcastle Wide

There’s one thing most people usually remember about a party: the music. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. The effect of music on the overall energy and success of an event is undeniable. Human beings respond intuitively to music, and the feeling it creates can determine our mood and influence social interactions.


The Newcastle Annual Gateshead Festival (Every August)

Get your party started with Discosource DJs

Our team of highly experienced, confident and creative DJs are skilled in creating the right party atmosphere, developing the perfect music mix for your event. With a professional DJ, you can forget all your music selection worries and just enjoy the party.

How we can help

With over fifteen years experience in the mobile DJ industry, Discosource is a must when it comes to entertainment. We’re known for our friendly, punctual and highly skilled DJs, who work across a wide variety of crowds – from children and wedding guests to large corporate organisations.

our djs

All it takes is one quick phone call and our DJs are there to weave their magic, bringing a fresh buzz to your party without all the stress and hassle of compiling your own playlists or the expense of a live band. The way we can cater for such a wide variety of events is partly due to the strength of our trained DJs, and also because of our sophisticated digital music system, which houses over 25,000 songs across every genre.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range here.


Our client-focused approach to entertainment is what sets us apart from every other DJ hire service out there. Our DJs work with you to ensure your vision for your event becomes a reality. Whether you’d prefer our DJs work with a set list – by us or yourself – from our unique online music planner, or for them to gauge the best fit for your crowd as the night progresses, we’re there to ensure your event is a success.


Set-up is quick, efficient and unobtrusive, allowing you to get on with your event hassle free. We provide the best sound possible with state-of-the-art audio technology and Italian-made RCF speakers, with the option of additional speakers and thumping subwoofers if you’re after a bigger party sound.

When it comes to lighting and atmosphere, we have an impressive
mirrorballselection of lighting effects to set the right mood for your event. Whether you’re after UV or strobe lighting, bubble machines or laser lights, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable night.

Discosource: Putting value first

Discosource was born with three main principles in mind:

  • Quality: We’re committed to delivering not only the best in sound, but the best in staff. We provide our skilled and passionate team with superior training and an extensive music selection that satisfies even the most picky of music lovers.
  • Professionalism: We’re proud of our professional attitude to a sometimes overly casual industry, setting new standards and taking our DJs further. We’ve also streamlined our customer service process to make event planning even easier for our clients.
  • Customer service & satisfaction: At Discosource, clients come first. With over fifteen years experience in customer satisfaction, we’re confident in our ability to take the pressure from party planning and make your next event a total success.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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Pro DJ Hire Brisbane Experts

Your choice of DJ hire Brisbane can make or break your next event. A DJ with experience and knowledge can create a feeling of energy and excitement that can get any crowd off their feet and partying the night away. Let our DJs make your next event the best party music you’ve ever had.

DJ Hire Brisbane providing DJs for All Functions

Brisbane has one of the best night life’s in Australia!

Get your party started with Discosource DJs

When you secure one of our experienced and affordable DJs, you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. No longer concerned about whether people will enjoy themselves, you can now be confident that your Brisbane DJ hire will be a hit. Be it a corporate function, birthday party or one of our wedding DJs Brisbane,  allow us to handle the music, so that you can just relax and have fun.

About Our Brisbane DJ Hire Service

We have been providing Brisbane DJ hire providing for a few years now, from spectacular corporate functions to intimate engagement parties, our Brisbane DJs are passionate about what they do and experienced in pleasing even the most pickiest of crowds. With a giant music library our disc jockey’s Brisbane are provided with so many choices. From pop hits to retro and rock classics, we’ve got all ages and event types taken care of.

wedding djs brisbane and surrounding suburbs

Pro DJs Make Top Quality DJ Hire Brisbane

We have a dedicated team of DJs in Brisbane who love what they do. They know that being a good disc jockey is about being able to adapt to different audiences. You can expect your DJ to read the crowd, reacting swiftly to please everyone in attendance. For all you music lovers, we’ve even created our very own online music planner – read more about that here. So if you wish to hire a DJ in Brisbane, then we have the right entertainment for you.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range here.

Brisbane DJ Hire Equipment

Speak Quality, why it’s so important

While the average person may not have any idea about DJ equipment we can assure you that reliable and quality equipment is essential. For starters good speakers will bring more life to the party with a full sound rather than cheap DJ speakers which will only keep the party from it’s full potential. We use RCF speakers which you can ask any of our competition and they will tell you that they have a good reputation for reliability and having a clear and full sound. Our DJ hire also includes LED lighting with every booking, if you would like to see our lighting read more here.


Discosource Brisbane DJ Hire

A priceless experience at a competitive price

Choosing a DJ for hire in Brisbane can be a tricky decision with so many DJ services to choose from. However, for an obligation free DJ quote emailed  back to you in less than 5 minutes click the button below, or simply give us a call and speak to one of our consultants on 1800 000 178.

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Pro DJ Hire Adelaide, Discosource DJs

Looking for a professional DJ Hire Adelaide for your next event? The right music mix could well be the factor that transforms your party from an ordinary gathering to a truly memorable occasion. Music affects how your guests feel and respond to the occasion. It can be a point of conversation, a source of inspiration and interaction – it all depends on the ambiance you want to create.

Amazing DJ Hire Adelaide

Adelaide City New Years Eve 2013 Fireworks Show

Choosing a great disc jockey is essential for setting the mood and establishing the type of energy you need to make your party one to remember.

A Variety Of Events with our DJ Hire Adelaide

From luxurious wedding DJs Adelaide to large corporate events, kids parties and birthdays, we can do it all. We have years of experience in the mobile DJ business and can choose a music selection to suit your event type. Don’t wait til the last minute; invest in a good DJ hire Adelaide for a spectacular night.

Supurb Adelaide DJ Hire

Adelaide DJ Hire at it’s Finest

Discosource provides highly professional and comprehensive Adelaide DJ hire. With an outstanding digital music system housing over 25,000 songs across a wide range of genres – from retro classics to the latest pop hits – we are confident in our ability to cater for every crowd.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range here.

Professional Wedding DJs Adelaide

Online Music Planner

Our Adelaide DJs for hire work by monitoring your event to ensure the perfect musical fit for your guests – with or without requests. You can utilize our exclusive online music planner which allows you to search our song list and choose music for different parts of the event, for both background and dancing music. If you are after a more hands off approach then our Adelaide disc jockey’s will happily choose a smooth selection for you.

Top Quality Speakers with our Disc Jockey's Adelaide

Top of the Line Equipment

The equipment we supply with our Adelaide disc jockey’s is second to none. Whether you know much about speaker quality or not, we can advise you that it is something important. Great speakers re-produce the sound of music as it was meant to be heard, crystal clear and full of life.

Your guests will dance the night away when they hear their favourite tunes being projected with a full sound creating a lively energy in the room. Complimentary with our DJ service we also provide sound activated LED lighting to create an atmosphere you that you should expect from any rockin’ dance floor.


Discosource DJs Adelaide

When you are ready to hire a DJ in Adelaide be sure to put us on the short list. If searching for DJ Hire Adelaide look no further, request our comprehensive information pack and make an informed decision.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

For an obligation free DJ quote emailed  back to you in less than 5 minutes click the button below, or simply give us a call and speak to one of our consultants on 1800 000 178.

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Affordable DJ Hire Sydney

At Discosource, we know that when choosing a DJ hire Sydney event holders are looking for much more than just someone who can set up a sound system and manage a playlist: You’re looking for a conductor and a communicator, someone who can read the subtle nuances of a crowd and respond to their mood. You’re looking for someone who can raise the energy of events, creating memories that will last a lifetime for your guests. You’re looking for a professional who will let you forget everything and just dance. You’re looking for magic. You’ve come to the right place.


What You Can Expect with our Sydney DJ Hire

When looking for a disc jockey hire Sydney residents know to select a professional with the skills, experience, and equipment needed to create an unforgettable event. With over a decade spent in the industry catering to every type of event imaginable—from kids’ parties to weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions—and our top of the line sound equipment, Discosource is the DJ hire Sydney event holders can count on.

In addition to bringing our wide knowledge of music genres and songs to DJ Sydney events, we will:

  • Be the most punctual DJs Sydney has ever seen, arriving an hour ahead of time to make sure everything is set up and running perfectly before your event begins;
  • Dress to impress by showing up in the appropriate attire for your occasion—we are not the type of Sydney DJs who show up to corporate events in torn jeans and T-shirts!
  • Happily respond to the requests of your guests;
  • Provide versatile bespoke services—don’t pick a conventional “club” Sydney DJ hire and end up stuck hearing just one type of music when you can choose Discosource, true “function” DJs who can respond to any audience, anywhere, with exactly the right style of music. As the premiere Sydney DJ service, we have invested in a music selection that includes every Top 100 hit from the year 1950 to today.
  • Act as your wedding MC, unlike some wedding DJs in Sydney, and help to coordinate your dream wedding;
  • Provide an online music planner where you can search our library, create playlists and time schedules, and much more—as soon as you visit our website, you can start planning your event your way.
  • Show up with all the equipment needed to make any event a success: Lighting equipment (including UV lights and laser lights), smoke machines, projectors and screens, bubble machines, wireless microphones, and of course, our top-quality Italian RCF speakers, with their crystal-clear sound quality and punchy bass. We even provide photography!
  • Provide the most professional customer service in the industry. We’re not like those casual Sydney DJs you can never seem to get in touch with; like any truly professional service, we offer a 1-800 free call line and promise a speedy response to enquiries and customer queries.
  • Offer a number of different affordable packages that reflect our desire to work with all types of clients, big and small.

    Awesome DJ Hire Sydney Service

DJ Hire Sydney with a Plethora of Music Choices

When searching to hire a DJ in Sydney there are many factors you should consider, and one of them is the DJs music collection. Think of just about any song from the last sixty years that has ever had it’s fifteen minutes of fame and we probably got it. Search our song list using the online music planner we have created and make a playlist of your own, alternatively our disc jockey’s in Sydney will be happy to use their own judgement and play to the crowd.

Want to see what songs we have in our library? Check out our extensive music range here.

ultimate dj hire sydney

No Mobile Disc Jockey is Complete without a Full DJ Setup

A full DJ setup should include pro-speakers and some type of disco lighting to set the mood. We only use top names for our equipment including RCF speakers, Native Instruments Traktor Mixers, LED lighting and a microphone for speeches. The RCF speakers are particularly good because they are individually powered taking reliance off one-another with built in backup fuses, and the sound produced will captivate your guests.

Equipment provided with our Sydney DJ Hire


Discosource DJs Sydney

A priceless experience at a competitive price

We’re committed to being the best DJ hire Sydney has to offer; when you hire one of our professional Sydney DJs, you’ll be treated to an event experience like no other. Start the process today by completing our easy online enquiry form in order to get a quote; we promise that you will get an email delivered to your inbox within just two minutes, containing both our brochure and a customized quote. From there until the end of your party, wedding, or corporate function, you will see, hear, and feel the Discosource difference.


Mobile DJ Hire Melbourne

Melbourne’s Mobile DJ Hire Experience. DJ Hire Melbourne. Get an INSTANT quote emailed in LESS THAN 30 MINUTES or Free-Call 1800 000 178!